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This piece is all about couples with differences who are still being judged within our society.


Globalization has brought a lot of advantages and disadvantages to the world; a variety of choices, unlimited information, technological innovation, cultural adventures, but one problem still exist and continued over centuries is racism. This project highlights this issue focusing on interracial relationships.

We are all a little bit racist,” says one actor in the famous Broadway show, avenue Q, which touches ona relevant issue in this 21st century; we are accepting a variety of nationalities but still we are giving unreasonable glances at those who are different from us, especially when interracial couples pass by.


The idea to begin this project came from my own experience with and research on this issue. There are many social forums where people are seeking support and sharing their experiences with interracial dating. I decided to meet and photograph the couples and have them share their emotions and experiences.


The pairs felt pressured and sometimes judged when in public. People on the street sometimes mumble loudly, tease, stare or demonstrate inapropriate behavior towards the couples. Even in New York City, a unique metropolitan with the most multicultural population in the world, still experiences these sorts of problems. Therefore, my photography project started to embrace this challenging issue. All couples are real and they have been in their relationship for a while. They have totally different backgrounds, culture, skin color,and appearance, but they also have the power to remain committed with and be an example of unchained unity.

My hope for this project is to show the strength of unity of those who have values of love and bravery to challenge against those who are judgmental.

I admire these great bonds, believing my work will inspire and give a different prospective of this modernissue in our society.



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